Daniel Voss


Music Producer
Product manager, licensing & royalty department and person of contact at Lemongrassmusic.

Contact: label (at) lemongrassmusic (dot) de


Daniel Voss is a music producer from Northern Germany and co-founder of the label „Lemongrassmusic“ along with his brother Roland Voss.
His solo projects are: „Five Seasons“, „Slow World“, „Yin And Yang“ and „Green Empathy“.
Furthermore he has released a lot of albums together with Roland Voss under the project names „Weathertunes“ and „Jasmon“ and has contributed to many albums of Roland’s project „Lemongrass“.
His musical output ranges from Lounge, Chillout and Ambient to Ethnic Chillout, Deep House and NuJazz.

Daniel was born and grew up in the city Bünde, Germany in 1977. He started playing the piano at the age of 5 and was educated in classic, jazz, blues and pop piano until the age of 16. In his teenage years he started playing keyboards, guitars, bass guitar and several percussion instruments.
Influenced by his 3 older brothers (2 drummers and a piano player) he has always been into music and has laid the foundation for his future music career quite early.
He has played in a number of alternative rock bands and has gained some experience with electronic instruments from his brothers’ synthesizers at the same time.
At the age of 20 Daniel has started his first professional collaboration project “Weathertunes” with his brother Roland and soon participated in further lounge and chillout projects.

After a number of Live events and DJ gigs in Japan during the early 2000’s, arranged by Japanese label „Receptortune“ who have released the majority of the brothers’ early works in Japan, Daniel has decided to concentrate on music production and left the stages behind.

In 2005 the brothers have founded the label Lemongrassmusic and have released more than 200 artist albums, EPs and compilations by now.

Since 2007 Daniel is working as a freelance sound engineer in the WDR radio and TV studio in Bielefeld, Germany.

During the past years Daniel and Roland have constantly grown their studio equipment, working with an Apple Mac Pro and Logic X Pro and hundreds of software plugins.

One of Daniel’s passions is making remixes – by now he has remixed tracks of many Lemongrassmusic artists and some tracks of other artists as well.