In search of the “true” mystical world of the Orient, Jasmon’s music is a reliable guide and a root of trust. Based on carefully selected, traditional native instruments, sounds and voices, conflated with laid-back beats and soul-stirring Chillout smoothness, “From Orient To Occident” takes us on emotional, sonorous musical pathways.

Originally founded as a side-project by Lemongrass mastermind Roland Voss during a collaboration with Berlin-based producer and musician Genetic Drugs, “From Orient To Occident” is the essence of 17 years creating finest Downtempo and Global Fusion. Selected with utmost grace and sensibility, the album presents Roland Voss’s distinctive vision in full. A vast and shimmering collection, taken from six different Jasmon album releases. It spans almost two decades from the highly acclaimed “Spacecake” album (Blue Flame Records), up to their maturest release called “Shangri-La” on Lemongrassmusic.

While the opener “Cuchama” works on a laid-back TripHop groove intertwined with fragile chants and string arrangements, “Bosporus” already establishes the Jasmon soundscape in full flavour. A beautiful homage to the majestic Turkish river, leaving us with salty air on our tongue and bittersweet longing in our hearts. Next is one of Jasmon’s most famous songs called “Hanina”. No surprise that the track made it on various “Putumayo” compilations. As contrast, “Chidambaram” perking up ears with an innovative soundclash, combining dynamic breakbeats and dub elements with field recordings from India and Africa.

The longer we listen, the album builds up a subtle, snake-charming hypnotism. Beguiled by yearningly vocals and chantings, embedded in a sensual instrumentation, the album is a substantial, emotional journey filled with sonic imagery, which absolutely demands repeat listening. A superb work from a team of true masters of the craft. Accompanied by Mohammed Mounir, Genetic Drugs and his brother Daniel Voss, who is also the other half of Lemongrassmusic, Jasmon’s soundscapes feel like a warm embrace. All of a sudden it dawns on us, that the ancient Occident is not a destination to be reached, it is the spirit Jasmon carries, note by note. Go and get your fantasy stimulated, again and again.

Digital Release Date: September 11th, 2015
Catalogue number: LGM194
Label: Lemongrassmusic (LC 12644)