natura (latin) from nasci „arise, being born“

Lively inspired by the amazing feedback and big success of their “Natura Vol.01″ EP release, Weathertunes aka Roland & Daniel Voss decided to return to their studio to give birth to a second “Natura” experience. Passionately driven by their dedication to the primal forces of life, the concept of “Natura” seems to blossom more and more in multi-coloured facets and creative eruptions. Containing 7 brand-new tracks full of finest melodies and glittering sounds, the EP floats light as a feather through its 33 minutes run-time.

Dressed in various musical garment “Natura Vol.02″ shows how modern Lounge music should sound like. Taking off with life-affirming positivity “Morning Sun” instantly puts a smile on our face, with a gentle guitar motif gliding on a laid-back groove. While “Skywalker” impresses with a dreamy trumpet melody played by Tim Gelo (alias Velvet Dreamer), “Arizona Dream” sets fine Western guitars on a cool bass hook. Japanese vocalist WAWA (previously heard on Weathertunes album releases “Passions” and “La Femme”) joins the 2 bothers with her lovely voice on “Happy Birthday” and on the housy tune “You and I”. Next is “City rider” who builds on slow and subtle on quirky electronic sounds. Another big surprise is “C’est l’espoire”. An uplifting broken groove in combination with charming background vocals and a French chorus make you feel like if the sky is opening up.

The new year is still young, but Weathertunes’s EP “Natura Vol.02″ already sets a milestone by bringing us the perfect Lounge experience. No doubt, this release will take the whole genre up to be seen on a higher quality level.

Digital release date: May 9th 2014
Catalogue number: LGM 162-8
Label: Lemongrassmusic – LC 12644