In respect and dedication to the primal forces of life “Weathertunes” aka Daniel & Roland Voss gave birth to a new EP project called “Natura”. With a keen sense for nature’s mysterious beauty the two brothers had the innermost wish to express their gratitude to the elements around them. Their home-base is located in a nature reserve area in North-Western Germany, where nature has a fundamental impact on their daily life. Since more than 15 years Roland & Daniel spread the seeds of good music. Deservedly emerging at the forefront of the Lounge, Chillout & Downtempo scene, their musical output is also considered as path-finding and genre-bending.

Organically set, the spectrum of the first EP release called “Natura Vol.01″ reaches wide arrays of deep and lush Downtempo pleasure in a vital way. The instrumentation is ruled by masterfully played electric guitar work harmoniously fusing in an opulent framework of sound. This has become a “Weathertunes” trademark, in particular since the release of the albums “The Birds And The Sky” (2003) and “Beam me in” (2007). But “Natura Vol.01″ has taken the two brothers far deeper, almost reinventing their sound to an impressively mature quality level. By using spacious reverb and guitar effects a slight psychedelic appeal is noticeable too, recalling Ennio Morricone’s spirit of the 70′s.

Contemporaneously to its vital forces “Natura Vol.01″ is also an invitation to slow down your pace. Tune into the rhythm of mother “Natura”. Just sit down and wonder…

Digital release date: November 29th 2013
Catalogue number: LGM 147-8
Label: Lemongrassmusic – LC 12644