Fans of Lemongrass learned to love the beautiful melody of „Habla Mi Corazón“ after it surfaced on „Lemongrass Garden Vol. 2“. The yearning and consoling vocals of singer Skadi (alternating between English, French and Spanish) embedded in dramatic arrangements have fascinated ever since. This slow-moving but powerful track is now again available for download and comes with three additional versions all of which remarkable in their discreet elegance.

Most notably of course is the contribution of Kevin Yost who blows a cool breeze over the original, creating a spheric vibe with a floral bouquet. At the latest when you discover the vibraphon solo you know a true master has been at work.

UK project JetTricks offer an equally convincing version by imparting a psychedelic touch which keeps on surprising with slight alternations. Nice drum patterns take you through the whole song and keep you glued to its beauty.

Lemongrass’ own „Dreamy version“ completes the bunch. Convincing with an ambient prelude, this luxuriously laid-back version sends you off to damn sweet reveries.


1. Habla mi corazón (Original Version)
2. Habla mi corazón (Kevin Yost’s „Otherside of the world Remix“)
3. Habla mi corazón (Remix by JetTricks)
4. Habla mi corazón (Dreamy Version)

All tracks written by Roland Voss ; Daniel Voss ; Skadi

Release date: September 2nd 2008
Lemongrassmusic (LC 12644)
LGM 015-8