Daniel Voss is one of the Voss brothers behind the label „Lemongrassmusic“ and he is known for his music projects Five Seasons, Green Empathy and some more. He is also part of the projects Weathertunes, Lemongrass and Jasmon in collaboration with his brother Roland Voss.
Daniel now introduces his new project „Slow World“ which is dedicated to the slow movements of life – the deep and silent enjoyment of the beauty and magnificence of our world and the whole universe.
The album „Spheres“ was created to help us tame and slow down our thoughts, to uncouple from the eternal rhythms of life and find a timeless pace, a personal hideaway and island of relaxation.
The piano is the backbone and main instrument of this album, underlaid with delicate pads and atmospheres. Soft and reduced melodies create a dreamy ambience – and after the first few tones we feel ready to close our eyes and take off to a mythical journey through our inner worlds.
One of the highlights on the album is the 15 minutes track „Astral Journey“ which is ideal for meditation, massage and spiritual body work.
Feel cordially invited to rediscover your own link to the divine source.

Digital release date: March 21st 2014
Catalogue number: LGM 157-8
Label: Lemongrassmusic – LC 12644