Lots of exciting things are going on in the global Ambient and Electronic Listening scene these days. In an unbiased manner, musical worlds approach each other, that seemed almost incompatible for a long time. Whether acoustic music, contemporary classical music or hip-hop – such styles join a boundless melange to something new, which has an high artistic value, and is gaining new fans in a rapid pace. Roland Voss aka “Lemongrass” is part of this creative stream. Over many years, a distinctive “Lemongrass” sound has been developed in an essential process of maturation. Culminating now with a new album release called “Mémoires”.

Already the opener, “Journal Intime” is a wonderful testimony for the derived stylistic fruition. On a creaky-minimal rhythm enfold heart warming, ethereal sound images, peaking in the middle part by the addition of a stunning piano motif. Fine-tuned piano sounds are recurrently defining elements in the further course of the album. In “Liaison”, a typical “Lemongrass” bassline groove builds to an airy, buttery soft daydreamer. “Sacred Dreams” fascinates with a deep piano-loop and heavenly backing vocals in harmony with a playful scratchy glitch-hop rhythm. Highlight here is the brief interlude of a cool, distorted guitar. The title of the subsequent “I’m stellar” is almost programmatic for the spiritual flow of the album. Carefully produced in detail, “I’m stellar” is led by a simple guitar melody, on which the track harmoniously unfolds.

With “Oiseau de Paradis” Roland Voss loosens up his journey with a trip to Mediterranean regions. Sweet summery harmonies awaken anticipation for the warm and light-coloured time of the year. With “Summer fields”, we remain a little longer in the sunshine. Wonderfully laid-back, the track grooves along, based on subtle hip-hop elements. Don’t be surprised if your head starts nodding on its own, and a broad smile appears on your face. The album continues with some best of lounge music. “Bossa del mar” impresses with stunning Hispanic vocals, inviting the listener to the next Ibiza beach party. Also “Poetry without words” is a piece of evidence for the “Lemongrass” talent, to produce finest Lounge Couture. A repetitive loop of various strings enriches the song with a sunny 70′s appeal. Subsequently “Heartbreaker” takes the album back to a deeper sound cosmos. Just like “I’m stellar”, this title is a co-production with Roland’s brother Daniel Voss. Truly, the song is a sleek heartbreaker, in advance legitimately chosen by the audience as a highlight on DJ Nartak’s “Klassik Lounge Nightflight Vol.06″ compilation.

A little more deeper, we travel with “Moment de conscience”. A feeling of atmospheric wideness allows us to slide into the endless open space. We enjoy a timeless moment of deep relaxation and inner silence. Right there we get picked up by “Tropical Nights”. A delicate acoustic guitar motif and heavenly chantings are framed by tropical night sounds. The following title is a tribute to the legendary Japanese “Shinkansen” high-speed trains. A chill-out (train) ride at its best, led by an elegant broken beat, which floats on melodic strings. In the background we can hear sounds of the puffing “Shinkansen” monstrosities. “Love is the answer” is the ideal quote to play the final chord of the album. Positive tuned string-arrangements ensure a safe, well-guarded journey home.

In a relaxed and stylish manner, “Mémoires” is a real milestone. With its playful and homogeneous aura, the album sounds as a unified whole. Shaped by a bewitching depth, “Mémoires” convinces on a musical top level. At the same time, it provides the impressive evidence, that Roland Voss is rightly considered as one of the most famous composers and producers in the scene.

CD & digital release date: March 28th 2014
Catalogue number: LGM 158-4
Label: Lemongrassmusic – LC 12644