A producer duo from Germany and a French producer contact a singer via myspace.com because they are all fascinated by her expressive voice. They start recording songs, only to realize some time later that they work with the same singer: Jana Tarasenko from Berlin. As Stéphane Klepper (aka Eskadet) releases on the label of Roland and Daniel Voss (aka Lemongrass and Weathertunes), the three of them decide to produce the album in a joint effort. The result: a beautiful, multi-faceted love album with mesmerizing vocals.

All songs on „Tender Treatment“ could stand on their own, like independent little worlds. Together they are like shimmering pearls on a necklace, combining them into a wonderful whole. Or as Jana Tarasenko puts it: „In my opinion music should do you good. That doesn’t exclude the possibility of raising painful issues, but only for the aim of healing. There are songs for every situation in your life. They should bring clarity, solace, hope or energy. And they should embrace life. And that’s what Stéphane, Roland, Daniel and I tried with this album.“

And that’s how Beach Hoppers circle around the big topic of love: from slow ballads to velvety songs, from dream-like arrangements to pulsating beats, from nocturnal reflections to passionate declarations of love, from leftfield sounds to sunny grooves. It’s all about love and separation, melancholy and confidence, intimate moments and the attempt to get back together. For all these emotions and vibes, Jana Tarasenko searches and finds the perfect voice, seductive or yearning, mysterious or graceful, mellifluous or wise, challenging or consoling.

Among the album’s highlights is the sun-drenched “One Love”, a song which warms heart, body and soul and comes with a nicely placed flute break. A similar vibe is to be found in “Sun Shines” which is dominated by an air of confidence. After the situation “a bad boy and a drama queen” is established, rays of sunshine bring new hope: “Smile my baby, smile and just one word / And I’ll be back with you again / It´s a brand new day, a brand new start / What do you think about our happy end?”

„Bit By Bit“ is a purring love song and talks about the crucial moment when a hot fling turns into a serious love affair: „ The question I asked used to be / would you climb a mountain for me? / But now I’m asking / can we have dinner together?” But the chorus makes clear what a strong woman is after: “Touch me just one more time / Bit by bit, a bit more / Just give me a bit more”. The following “Keep Dreaming” sees Jana’s vocals cuddling with the beats and dancing with them. The transparent Lemongrass Angel Remix lends enough space for her voice to unfold in a moon-lit dream world. “Turn on that sense of delight / I know we’ll get it right / Gliding through the night / It´s our dance in the moonlight”.

Quite in contrast, the club compatible uptempo song “Why Can’t I have You” evokes rather painful images. Here, the pulsating beats and leftfield sounds establish the atmosphere for Jana to moan: “I believed in us and our mystery / We met in one magic moment / So I’m asking myself / Why can’t I have you? / Why, why, why?”. Opposing emotions are expressed in the hymnic ballad “Calm”, when Jana sings full of confidence and affirmation: “I look upon the world too, with my eyes / Still it takes me by surprise / It´s the best I have experienced yet”. And then, long after the last beats of the album have turned into silence, the smoothly exhaled “pling, pling, pling” from the downtempo track “City Light” reverberate in your ears.

CD Release: May 15th 2009
Digital release on iTunes: May 19th 2009
Other portals: July 2009
Catalogue number: LGM 031
Label: Lemongrassmusic