Light up your day with a sonic experience of uplifting loungy tunes, focusing on a beautiful summerish approach. The wonderful musical world of Five Seasons is back, unveiling the project’s fifth album release called “Days In The Sun”. A sun-flooded, mesmerizing refuge, refined with some cherished imaginary moments of everything, what a glorious summer day can offer. We are off to the beach with “Le Soleil” and “Dreams Come True”, interluded by some snappy dancefloor positivity (“Dance, Muchacho”), before “Juniper” leads us to clear woodlands and lush meadows. Five Seasons combines a selective array of electronic instruments, loads of fine guitar work and premium vocal bits, defining the project’s sound cosmos. Simply everything on “Days In The Sun” is played, recorded and produced by Daniel Voss, who is also the man behind the dreamy Ambient moniker called Slow World, as well as being part of a few other projects such as Weathertunes and Jasmon. Not to forget, Daniel is the co-founder of the prestigious imprint Lemongrassmusic. So close your eyes and let your soul travel on this wondrous journey. A dedication to the unending creative possibilities, born out of the sudden realisation: life is good.

Digital Release Date: June 3rd, 2016
Catalogue number: LGM212
Label: Lemongrassmusic (LC 12644)