Ikebana, the traditional Japanese art of flower arrangement, calls for dedication, imaginativeness and love for the basic material. Ikebana aims at harmony, drawing from shape, rhythm and colour.
Guided by the same principles, Lemongrass presents the brand-new album “Ikebana” (on his own label Lemongrassmusic) which paves the way for new musical expressions and thoroughly captivates as well-measured extravaganza.
Right from the first listening you happily indulge in numerous vocal-based songs. Supported by Japanese singers Mayu Kawata and Yuko Matsuyama, all 15 tracks interweave the most diverse musical elements and styles ranging from 1970s- inspired pop and disco, French House and breakbeats up to orchestral ballads and cinematic ambient tracks.

The elaborate composition, atmospheric intensity, filigree diversity of rhythms and the ocean of sound colours make „Ikebana“ an outstanding effort. With countless breaks, recurrent subtle changes in speed, an inexhaustible reservoir of sounds and samples and two extraordinary singers, Lemongrass have reached the height of their creativity. Magic!