It was a warm and mild autumn afternoon when Daniel Voss aka Five Seasons went for a walk along the river nearby his house. The sun was garnishing everything around him with a golden touch. Colours were intensively bright and the air was fresh and smelling heavenly. The pure glory of this precious moment kept him in silent wonder of nature’s beauty. And all of sudden there was music. Tones and melodies were pouring on him. After returning back home the afterglow of these moments kept being present for the following weeks as the visionary guideline for the work on a new “Five Seasons” album .

With his “Walk” Daniel Voss returns to what he is best at: a well balanced marriage of smooth and soulful Chillout grooves with meditative Ambient soundscapes. Each song is a unique piece and a fine result of tender and loving work. The beauty of places, he has visited and which are special to him, shines through the music. Walking with a wide open heart through gardens, forests, villages and mountains of our Mother Earth in harmony with nature’s breath. Sometimes alone but most preferable in company with good friends like Gushi (of “Gushi & Raffunk”) on “Bare feet” or with Jane Maximova on “Fleeting moments”. In between of the gentle Downtempo walking rhythm there is always time for a stop. Sitting peacefully on a meadow and looking up to the sky. A scenery which is perfectly underscored by songs like “Blue trail”, lightening the moment with a delicate piano theme.

Five Seasons was founded in 2007. Beside numerous compilation appearances and a couple of outstanding Remixes (among them are Animat, Lemongrass, Snatam Kaur, Sideliner, Tim Angrave, Karen Gibson Roc and many others), 3 album releases and 1 EP are on Five Seasons’s discography so far – all on “Lemongrassmusic”. The label is the mothership of Daniel and Roland Voss various music projects plus a well-selected international bunch of cool musicians and producers, which led the label to heavy attention around the globe. Daniel Voss is also the driving force behind a couple of other projects such as Green Empathy, Weathertunes, Yin And Yang, and not to forget his regular appearance on his brother’s projects Lemongrass and Jasmon.

There are many more horizons, hidden valleys and unclimbed peaks to conquer in nature and in music. So stay tuned and take on walk with Five Seasons.

Digital release date: May 17th 2013
Catalogue number: LGM 124
Label: Lemongrassmusic – LC 12644