Roland Voss aka Lemongrass has every reason to celebrate. His brand-new album „Pour l’Amour“ is his tenth in a row of outstanding releases and continues to play with jazz elements already known from the preceding album „Filmothèque“. In contrast to his previous instrumental approach, the sound on the new album gains further momentum by the beautiful voices of three female vocalists: Hamburg-based artist Skadi (known from “Fleur Solaire”), Tokyo singer Mayu (known from „Ikebana“) and New York songstress Manalili add truly soul-tickling pleasures.

Whereas „Filmothèque“ presented itself as a genre-bending album incorporating the most diverse ingredients, themes and plots, „ Pour L’Amour“ comes as an all-embracing encyclopedia covering the eternal theme of love, which perpetrates the album in all facets transforming the overall theme into inspiring music with sense and sensibiltiy.

„Pour L’Amour“ has it all and thoroughly finds the perfect corresponding sound: from the city of lovers („Cafe de Paris“) to the sea of love („Ocean Kisses“), from aperitif and dinner to holding hands on a walk („La Promenade“), from the racing pulse and poetry of the heart („Habla Mi Corazon“) to the seductive fragrance of the beloved („Ton Parfum“), and from the merriness of the first shared holidays („Les Vacances“) to yearning remembrance and evocation of happy days („Nostalgia“).

Whoever once jumped into the refreshing waters of a private pool with his hot new love will appreciate the playful beats of „Swimming Pool“. „Le Ciel“ and „Aperitif“ give excellent proof of how much life can be coaxed out of the venerable jazz genre. And right from the first beats, „Dinner With You“ has candles flickering and hearts throbbing. An animating, elating and magical conjuring of the power of love.

With beautifully exhaled vocals, Manalili gives „For All Season“ and „Running Away“ a delightful touch. Mayu lends her graceful voice quite exhilaratingly to „Tsuki“ (the moon). And Skadi weaves through „Habla Mi Corazon“ with a dreamlike mixture of French, English and Spanish. Here, careful listening promises extra pleasures, as the delicate organ solo once more underlines the skills and magic of Lemongrass.

With „Pour L’Amour“ Lemongrass has managed to stay true to his extraordinary legacy while at the same time creating something altogether new. An hommage to love and an exquisite sensual treat.