Welcome to Five Seasons, the solo project of keyboarder, guitarist and producer Daniel Voss, also known from his collaborations with brother Roland for projects like Lemongrass, Weathertunes and Jasmon. His Five Seasons’ debut album catches our attention with its amazingly warm vibe and stimulating range of latin flavoured grooves, gentle deep house beats and future jazz sounds.

Feed „On The Road“ to your sound system, and you are instantly taken on an adventurous journey through strangely appealing sounds, visions and settings. Rural grounds and city lights, hippie life and road movies are seamlessly intertwined and many stories told. Love stories included. Tune in, listen and allow yourself to be curious. Then you will soon find yourself dancing and celebrating, pondering and nodding along.

„Time To Go Back“ serves as the perfect introduction to what the album has in store for you. Equipped with gentle beats, warm vibes and playful arrangements, you feel mysteriously reconfirmed and understood. Tracks such as „Black Bride Tango“ and „Une Rose“ convincingly explore mellow tango themes, until „Caliente“ calls for a staggering, South American flavoured fiesta, including a lonesome cowboy theme.

Next to „Love Apple“, tracks such as „Something In The Air“ and „Don’t Go Home Yet“ not only explore the eternal topics of love, lust and attraction but also make you gratefully immerse in the world of deep house sounds. When you resurface again, you will be taken by surprise when facing the ingeniously composed „Mrs. Hippie“. Following the lead of the country guitar, harmonica and strings, you will find yourself imagining as your own storyteller.

Some tracks such as „In Your Town“ have already been chosen for renowned compilations such as „Bar Lounge Classics“ (Sony) and „Pearl Diver“ (Mole Listening Pearls). Be prepared for choosing all tracks for your personal pleasure ride.

Digital release on iTunes: July 28th 2009
Other portals: September 2009
Catalogue number: LGM 035
Label: Lemongrassmusic