The track “Deep River” was initially released on the album “A Dream Within A Dream”, having the world of ambience as its central manifestation. Cosmic beauty is set to music in a weightless ease, leaving us breathless by facing the majestic sound of infinity. Lemongrass manages to keep it all in an open state of wideness by creating a conscious reduction to an accented minimum of structures.
Russian singerJane Maximova underscores the general expression of “Deep River” with her sensitive vocal work in an impressive and captivating way.
The song was now remixed by 5 artists from the Lemongrassmusic label family and flows into our ears in 6 different versions – each one a unique interpretation and emphasizing different facettes of the song, ranging from Deep Chill to Broken Beats and from African Chill to Balearic seashore moods. Dive into it and let yourself be carried to the sea…

Digital release date: September 26th 2014
Catalogue number: LGM 170-4
Label: Lemongrassmusic – LC 12644