Two years after their sun-drenched „Palm Beach“ album, Daniel and Roland Voss aka Weathertunes take us on an uplifting journey full of pulsating beats, giddy grooves and breezy vibes. Supported by three remarkable female singers from Japan and Scotland and German jazz musician Michael Arlt, their new album “Passions” goes straight into the heart and adds some nicely crafted facets to the world of pop music.

Right from the start, heavy mid-tempo beats keep on rolling into your eardrums. While the groovy „Paris At Night“ and „Vis-A-Vis“ allow space for frisky solo parts of saxophone, trumpet and flute, the uptempo latin track „That’s Right“ gains special lustre by Michael Arlt’s guitar performance. The following „Voodoo-Club“ leads into more sinister spheres where a diabolic voodoo priest laughs amidst the keys of a wicked organ.

After this juicy spread of upbeat instrumentals, the album changes in tone to make room for a string of magic vocal tracks. First comes Japanese singer WAWA with her softly exhaled and strangely dreamlike „Destiny“. The subsequent playful robe of „Passion“ allows singer Michelle Gibb not only to bow to Sade Adu but also to prove that the footprints of the giantess are not too big for her. Scottish singer Suzy Duffy then takes the listener by the hands and crosses over to the gentle groove of a perfect NuSoul act. Then it is WAWA again who crowns the rotunda of vocal pearls with a melancholic but danceable R&B track.

After these beautiful songs, the concluding set of tracks is dominated by more instrumental excursions. While „You Got It, Baby!“ ties in with the eccentric feel of „Voodoo Club“, the sunshiny vibe of „Bikini“ bridges to the luminous „That’s Right“. The following slow-motion beats and spheric sounds of „Forest“ are shaped once more by WAWA’s bitter-sweet phrasing. With Michael Arlt on guitar we take a trip back to the city of love where passions and dreams are carried away by the eternal pull of „La Seine“. Ending with the mellow „Hymn of Peace“ and serene „Healing Water“ the Weathertunes suavely take the listener into the realm of overall harmony.

Release Date (CD & MP3): April 29th 2011
Catalogue number: LGM 076-2
Label: Lemongrassmusic – LC 12644