The man behind the „Five Seasons“ project is Daniel Voss, a sound designer, producer and multi-instrumentalist, who has housed dozens of finest Lounge and Chillout releases since 1999, alongside collaborations with his brother Roland Voss as „Weathertunes“ and “Jasmon”, but known best for running the internationally honoured “Lemongrassmusic” label. Five Seasons loves to record positive, warm mooded music for day and night. Laid back, souring sounds, intertwined electronic and acoustic lead lines spiced with lush strings arrangement here, and some vocal parts there, glimmer like rays of sunshine reflecting on a calm sea.
His new 5 tracks EP „Driver“ is linking to the latest albums „Holidays“ and „Travelers“, interspersed with decent influences of Afro-American culture. An interesting and joyful journey full of life-affirming and heart-warming positivity.

The single “Self-Esteem” is a song about self confidence, about living your life in the rhythms of the city around resting within yourself but with a constant power to move onward towards your destinations. No need to run, no need to hide.

Digital release: April 19th, 2019
Catalogue number: LGM290
Label: Lemongrassmusic – LC 12644