German project Weathertunes is renowned for its sun-drenched beats. After several releases on Peacelounge and Jubilee Records, „Palm Beach“ is their first release on Lemongrassmusic and perfectly picks up the vibe of their preceding download EP „Sunsurfer“. On full album length, rolling waves of charming beats keep you going to create an overflow of joyful vibes. The atmosphere evokes all sorts of endearing experiences: languorous leisure, the pleasures of exotic places and the charm of erotic encounters. Supported by German jazz guitarist Michael Arlt (appearing on 8 tracks) and French singer Kay Dee the Bee (surfacing on 2 songs), Roland and Daniel Voss deliver a shimmering little masterpiece.

The introducing „Palm Fiction“ makes you feel welcome from the very start. Chirpy, vibrant and vivacious, equipped with merry horns and driven by Michael Arlt’s gentle guitar, you are irresistibly drawn into the album. „Ladies First“ follows as a feathery hommage to the female species, an elegant bow to the all the wonders of the women in the world. „Confidence“ reflects a rather pensive mood, before „Sugar Loaf“ tastefully evokes dreams of Rio de Janeiro and makes you smile deep in your heart.

If you can’t spare but 4:08 minutes, you must spend them on „Picnic“, a slow-motion house track which makes you spell b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l in your mind over and over again. „Sex is the Place“ takes singer Kay Dee into the limelight. Its lackadaisical, meandering shuffle makes you long for daytime love-making – a padded dream where the laws of gravity cease to exist. „The Sunny Side of Life“ pleases with a jazzy touch and vibrant groove that takes you on to lush pastures or plush surroundings, wherever your mind feels at home.

„The New Jazz Five“ comes as an autoritative spoken word performance. „All Night Long“ is the next convincing slo-mo little house number, before „Amazing Places“ picks up speed and leads to the accentuated latin beats of „My Night and Day“, adding a surprising touch that makes rhythm spread in your limbs and once more underlines the vocal skills of singer Kay Dee. The concluding tracks „The Snake“ and „Siddharta“ reverberate with a philosophical approach, rounding off the many shades of the album with a vibe of universal peace and understanding.

All in all, „Palm Beach“ is a wonderful album about love, closeness and togetherness. It provides cosy warmth in winter and refreshing coolness in summer. Tune in, catch the vibe and ride on the waves of Weathertunes’ sunny imagination.

CD Release: April 3rd 2009
Digital release on iTunes: April 7th 2009
Other portals: June 2009
Catalogue number: LGM 027
Label: Lemongrassmusic