Who isn’t eagerly waiting for the most beautiful season of the year, our beloved holiday time?! To appreciate a pleasant, restful joy to the maximum, the right musical soundtrack is essential. Five Seasons has dedicated itself to help us out. The man behind the project is Daniel Voss, a sound designer, producer and multi-instrumentalist, who has housed dozens of finest Lounge and Chillout releases since 1999, alongside collaborations with his brother Roland as „Weathertunes“ and “Jasmon”, but known best for running the internationally honoured “Lemongrassmusic” label. Five Seasons loves to record positive, warm mooded music for day and night. Laid back, souring sounds, intertwined electronic and acoustic lead lines spiced with lush strings arrangement here, and some vocal parts there, glimmer like rays of sunshine reflecting on a calm sea. Seemingly effortless, the 14 tracker flows along in a weightless manner, always grabbing the right ingredients to form as simply beautiful, spot-on Lounge tunes. The album’s rhythm is characterized by snippets of personal holiday moments and events, full of subtle imagery and inscriptions. Doubtlessly, “Holidays”, the sixth Five Seasons full-length so far, works on various occasions. Try it for an after-hour sofa session, at lazy summer afternoons or while walking through the fields, blinking at the rising sun, “Holidays” will surely help you to stay happy, to make the best out of your holiday time.

Digital release date: August 31st 2018
Catalogue number: LGM271
Label: Lemongrassmusic – LC 12644