Keisuke Sakai is a music producer, Ambient live musician, and synth player living in Tokyo.
While he was in college in San Diego, California in 1998, he learned sound editing, started
playing the guitar in a local experimental band, and played gigs at venues in Los Angeles. After
spending five years in the US, he moved back to Japan, and started producing his own
music using a laptop. Most of his music is Downtempo and Chillout.
In 2012, he moved to rural Japan and began producing Ambient sound for museum
exhibitions, installations, performing arts, and workshops.
The first EP, “Wa No Ne” (sounds
of Japan), is a collection of 6 Ambient songs. “Mizu Sumu” (Purifying Water), a song from Wa
No Ne, has been played over 2 million times on Spotify. According to Keisuke, the song was
inspired by the beauty that is found in Japanese seasons.
As part of a Japanese performing
band, he attended Buddagaya’s Bodh Mahotsavd music festival in 2014. In the year 2022,
he moved back to Tokyo and spent 6 months in the studio working on his 2nd album “Butterfly”.

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Release date: May 12, 2023 – Lemongrassmusic present the 2nd album „Butterfly“ by Japanese music producer and Ambient live musician Keisuke Sakai from Tokyo. The landscape of the Japanese countryside is pictoresque and lush and he has drawn a lot of inspiration from the historical buildings and traditions that still exist in that area. Now Keisuke is introducing his new 7 tracks album full of the spirit of his country’s culture and connection to nature…

Wa No Ne

Wa No Ne

Wa No Ne is Japanese music inspired by nature. Every phenomenon in nature harmonizes perfectly, and everything is synchronized….

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