Wa No Ne is Japanese music inspired by nature. Every phenomenon in nature harmonizes perfectly, and everything is synchronized.
On the morning of a calm, peaceful spring day, you can hear the Japanese bush warbler singing in the plum trees. It’s a call for the Japanese tea ceremony. (“Nodoka”, “Saezuri”)
In the summertime, the humid mountains are overflowing with green. Bright sunbeams stream through the leaves of the Japanese cedar trees, making a song for the day. In the night, fireflies dance while crickets sing. It is music. The full moon is also beautiful at that time. (“Banryoku”)
In the autumn, pure water slowly fills the river. The field is full of flowers, and crickets sing loudly. The mountains are covered with red and yellow. It becomes more vivid just before sunset. (“Mizu Sumu”,“Hanano”)
In the wintertime, everything in nature is quiet. White frost appears between fallen leaves on the ground. There’s no sound of animals or insects. The mountains sleep. (“Yama Nemuru”)

Please enjoy all these phenomena in nature.

Digital Release Date: July 22nd 2011
Catalogue number: LGM 082-8
Label: Lemongrassmusic – LC 12644