Marty Bobgarner is a side-project of French producer Thierry Frossard, alias „T2’n“.
Having released two outstanding T2’n albums on German label Lemongrassmusic Frossard has become a firmly established entity of French electronic music scene.

Frossard: “For the first half of my life, my relation to music was pure pain.
One day in winter 1979, when I was five years old, you could see myself in a concert hall with a lunch box. One man played a series of notes at an organ and tried to reproduce these notes with his mouth….
For two years, this nightmare repeats itself once a week. A boy on his own, me with my lunch box.

Denise is the name of my piano teacher. For the rest of my life I will be grateful to her for convincing my family to remove me from this concert hall. She teaches me solfeggio and piano. For the next ten years I am programmed in classical music, most of all Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin and Liszt.

Every year I come across a serious hurdle called solo concert. To play before an audience is not the problem. The drawback is the suit, the shortness of my pants, and my haircut, an unsoluble mystery my mother will take into her grave. In june 1992 I quit being this automatic puppet for good. This solo concert is how I like it. As I dislike the main sonata, I decide to mix it. Relax – when I take a bow, people applaud.

Since this crucial moment, I’m rather into synthies and computers. Leaving classical music behind leaves me tearless.

From now on I lose an awful lot of time trying to understand bad software, wiring and rewiring audio gadgets, programming and saving sequences on floppy discs, and presenting my first prototype. I blow up the stereo speakers and amplifiers of my best friends. Today I would like to make a formal apology. But at least, I win the „audio tape award“ of my school.

In 1993 I start working for NRJ France, produce jingles and work for the station’s music department. As reward for my efforts, I come to listen to many pop artists. As I adore Jean Michel Jarry, the biggest event is me going to one of his concerts with a V.I.P. ticket in my trouser pocket. Let me assure you: To press the hand of one’s idol and then have a nice chat is quite a sensation.

Apart from my NRJ job, I also work in a music shop where I demonstrate new synthies to our customers and check beta versions of our suppliers like Roland. After competing at the European championship „CONTEST GROOVEBOX MC 3030“ as French finalist, I consider myself very lucky to meet one of the authors of MC 3030 «Christian S». My remix of classical music attracts the attention of Jean Michel Jarre who pays much respect to my mix. Since then I spend much time for productions which are praised by important music magazines.

After working some time at Roland headquarters in Paris, I return back home in 2000. First I become manager of a recording studio, then manager of the music department. Today, this music department is closed, but my passion for music is still ablaze. Now you can listen to my first album, and that makes me happy.

If you have read so far down the line, I will treat you now by revealing the secret of my pseudonym which is pronounced „Tea Two’n“. This expression was shaped by my father’s mother, my beloved grand-mother who called me so from the first day of my life. This pet name sounded the smoothest whenever my mother asked for a kiss or tried to console me.

So, these were 30 years of my life in 3 minutes. Thank you very much.”

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Sound Design Of Ataraxia__

Sound Design Of Ataraxia__

Marty Bobgarner is an electronic music project by French musician and producer Thierry Frossard (aka T2’n and Charly’n Black). The album „Sound Design Of Ataraxia“ is the 2nd longplayer album by Marty Bobgarner, released on the label Lemongrassmusic. At the same time this album is a part of an album triptych named „Sound Design Of Ataraxia“…

Atome At Home

Atome At Home

The composing skills of Thierry Frossard are unique – he knows how to create excitement and enormous arcs of suspense in a very individual way. Listening to „Atome At Home“ you will soon find yourself in a thrilling modern stage play or a picture movie that pushes you forward on a journey into unknown territory.

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