Marty Bobgarner is a side-project of French producer Thierry Frossard, alias „T2’n“.
Having released two outstanding T2’n albums on German label Lemongrassmusic Frossard has become a firmly established entity of French electronic music scene.
Strengthened by his life-long musical experiences, his love for synthesizers for developing the skills for programming the right beats he now presents his thrilling Marty Bobgarner debut album „Atome At Home“.
Considering the album title Marty Bobgarner picks up the omnipresent topic of the whole world now facing the last days of using nuclear energy to enhance and improve our daily life.
Quirky sounds and mysterious voxes underlined by powerful sometimes evil beats give the whole album an air of twilight and shady places and states of mind.
The composing skills of Thierry Frossard are unique – he knows how to create excitement and enormous arcs of suspense in a very individual way. Listening to „Atome At Home“ you will soon find yourself in a thrilling modern stage play or a picture movie that pushes you forward on a journey into unknown territory.

Digital Release Date: June 1st 2012
Catalogue number: LGM 097-4
Label: Lemongrassmusic – LC 12644