Mirage Of Deep are back with their 4th longplayer “Subliminal Perception”, released on Lemongrassmusic. An album that follows the successful dynamics of their previous works, with an Ambient- Chill sound adorned with atmospheric passages and ethereal harmonies. The collaboration of musicians and soloists has been crucial in determining the dynamics and the expected philosophy throughout the whole LP.
Once again the result is an album with a variety of details in the production and careful composition blending electronic and acoustic elements. One of the main features that has to be mentioned is the tuning of some tracks to 432Hz, as it was applied in the past with classical music. Many studies show that a 432 hz tuning is more complete and placid for the listener. “Subliminal Perception” revokes that idea and delivers an assortment of songs with the intention to immerse us into a unique sound experience and reach sensations beyond the material realm.

Acknowledgements and collaborations: Julia Vañó, M. Del Mar Esteve, Jaime Jorge Flaj, J. Luis Serrano, Nuno Alves, Carlos Rodriguez, Gushi, Johannes Huppertz, Raquel Vilaplana, Pedro Sucias, Tim Gelo, Josephine Sweet, J. Pedro Miró, Javi Pérez, Juanjo Tormo, Guadalupe Olmos and Lemongrassmusic.

Digital Release Date: January 13th, 2017
Catalogue number: LGM227
Label: Lemongrassmusic (LC 12644)