Mirage of Deep take us on a journey through soundscapes where what we listen helps us to understand the world that surrounds us. Once we have embarked in that musical journey we learn to identify the sound as a natural therapy that produces a state of mind in which our own emotions arise through an easier way.

As the name suggests, Mirage of Deep evokes through a soft and calmed way the harmonies where the spirit is emotionally fulfilled in the deepest. The long awaited new LP, Northern Lights shows once again that unique style with several soundscapes which will remain reflected on our inner selves in a peaceful and serene way. Tracks range from “Restless Soul” and “Totality” with David W. Phillips’ voice; or “I Hear Dreams” with Améthyste Spardel, where it is set up the perfect fusion between warm vocals and strings; to “Heroes”, a version of David Bowie’s song where the majestic Víctor Esplugues’ guitar and Candela Ghelfi’s voice form an emotive combination.

As usual in many productions of Mirage of Deep, we could not elude the magnificent performance of Josephine Sweet in “Melodies of Beyond”, which highlights a fusion of atmospheric sounds, jazz and swing. Among the more ethnic tracks there are some remarkable collaborations with Ramón Riera (flute), and Jaime Fraj Pla (bansuri), making Northern Lights a well crafted album that nobody should miss for perceiving what music may really offer us.

Northern Lights is the 3rd full length album by Mirage of Deep on the label Lemongrassmusic.

Mirage of Deep would like to acknowledge all the collaborators for their patience and great contribution to this work during two years. It has been a great satisfaction meeting wonderful people that have prompted very good energies that have helped to fulfil many of the works and have created an affable friendship. We would also like to thank many of our personal friends for their patience and great encouragement.

Acknowledgements: Josephine Sweett, Roland Voss, Daniel Voss, Stefan Voss, Candela Ghelfi, David Phillips, Améthyste Spardel, Sarai Usri, Darren Pearson, Guido Van Der Meulen, Nartak Schübel, Deborah Vari, Ramón Riera, David Cervera, Jaime Fraj Pla, Víctor Esplugues Demetrio Reig, José Luis Serrano, Juan P. Miró, Juanjo Tormo, Javier Pérez, Jessica Gonzalbez, Toni Bezares, Aarón Serra, Rubén Cardona, Ana Graciela, Gema Torregrosa Bevia, Sergio Díaz.

Digital release date: May 16th 2014
Catalogue number: LGM 163-4
Label: Lemongrassmusic – LC 12644