Lemongrassmusic is proud to present an amazing new project from Spain. The sound of Nacho and Juan P. aka Mirage Of Deep is based on deep house, acid jazz, funk and downbeat music. Influences can be singled out from Moby to Bjork, from Dead Can Dance to Vangelis, and from St. Germain to Thievery Corporation. Based on their long experience (their productions range back to the 1990s) they have formed their highly distinguishable sound and tonality, an ocean full of colours, consistency, depth, but most of all, warmth!

As Nacho and Juan P. seek sensitive vibrations in their productions they collaborate with musicians on acoustic guitar and saxophone but also include two great female singers to embark on their emotional journey. Whereas Josephine Sweett’s heart belongs to jazz, acid jazz and funk, Rosalba Gandia was trained in classical singing and later got her final touch by starring in numerous orchestras. Their different voices allow Nacho and Juan P. to get the perfect voice for the varying moods of their tracks. All saxophone extavaganzas come courtesy of Ramon Riera while the important contribution of the acoustic guitar is delivered by Nacho Romu, a childhood friend and much requested studio musician whose track “Dreams” has recently been added to “Café del Mar Vol. XVI”.

On the downbeat side, you best start with “Mon Amour de Paris”, a jazzy walk through the streets of the capital of love or go straight to “Song For the Kingdom of Inside”, a mirage of depth and innervision. “Magic Dawns” then follows as the mellow awakening and a truly blissful experience. On the uplifting side, you may start with “An Afternoon of August”. Carried by piano keys like a string of shining pearls, the voice of Josephine Sweet makes you feel like walking barefoot on sunhine. The following “Soul Chill” is pure soulful house, powered by a great saxophone and a sexy voice. The purring groove of “Pussy Cat” gets you really going with some fine organ frenzy and an overall vibe that is both playful and joyful.

Digital release on iTunes: December 11th 2009
Other portals: February 2010
Catalogue number: LGM 046-4
Label: Lemongrassmusic