The 6 tracks EP „Panorama“ by German producer, musician and Lemongrassmusic label manager Daniel Voss, alias Five Seasons, conveys a feeling of a wide view on a vast and beautiful landscape. There are many things that can be seen and heard and the imagination adds a good portion of vivid colours and personal ideas on top.
The songs range from groovy and vivid mid-tempo to slower Chillout tunes and some Latin-flavoured songs.

The opener „I Do“ is a call to make your ideas and dreams come to reality by taking action and doing what can be done.

„Bahia De Coco“ is a relaxed and dreamy tune that takes you right to a white sand beach alongside turquoise water where you can forget the world and just be there and celebrate life.

„Buenos Tiempos“ (Spanish: Good Times) is a lively tune that reveals the most pleasant memories and spreads some joyful nostalgy.

Digital release date: February 04, 2022
Catalogue number: LGM370
Label: Lemongrassmusic – LC 12644

SINGLES (Click images to pre-save / access download & streaming platforms):

1. Buenos Tiempos (January 07, 2022):

1. Bahia De Coco (January 21, 2022):