The 6 tracks EP „Evening“ by German producer, musician and Lemongrassmusic label manager Daniel Voss (alias „Five Seasons“ and „Slow World“) is a chilled work that transports warm sunset vibes, sea view images and impressions of beautiful landscapes that shine in that special, magical light when the daylight slowly fades away and makes way for a warm summer night to come.
The music ranges from Chillout & Lounge to Lofi and IDM – each song having a positive, sun-drenched vibe, just right for a delicious cocktail in the beach bar or a dinner on the balcony or the rooftop garden.
Piano and acoustic guitars meet warm pads and synth arrangements.

Digital release date: November 04, 2022
Catalogue number: LGM394
Label: Lemongrassmusic – LC 12644

SINGLES (Click images to listen to the singles at Spotify):

1. Stimulus (September 23, 2022):

2. Juice (October 07, 2022):

3. City Sadness (October 21, 2022):