Settembre (september) is a “flash album” that was written in a month on the terrace of a hotel on the Aeolian Islands. This album was done with few technical resources such as a computer, an electric piano and a pair of headphones.
For that reason Settembre can be considered an album that is perfectly aligned with the digital era in which we live, characterized by a huge presence in our life of electronic devices that, on the one hand depleting our life transforming it in a sort of “virtual simulacrum”, on the other hand allow us creative possibilities that till now were exclusive of the “experts”, such as musical industry for example.

Settembre is an attempt to make the music “in the manner” of a North European style in between minimalism, noise aesthetic and ambient, on the other hand it is an act of love towards the Aeolian Islands and especially the island of Salina, which Corrado Saija considers his second home.
He always wanted to write songs that reminded him of the atmosphere of Salina in September when the blinding sun and the warm of August begin to break down giving way to cloudy skies obscuring the sea and make it frizzy and rough.
Anyway this intime and relaxing atmosphere founded after the crowds of the Italian summer is altered by amazing sunny days where the fixity bright blue of the Aeolian horizons is something extraordinarily evocative for him.
For choosing the titles Corrado let fascinate himself by the idea of being the author of a novel in the decision-making of chapter titles, so he imagined a drama that spoke of these places and found names that are referring to events and people of the island.

The EP is Corrado’s first release on Lemongrassmusic and is available in most digital download stores worldwide from March 29th 2013.