“Noise Studies” is a testimony of Corrado Saija’s interest for the use of noises in music, paying attention to the multitude of electronic music aesthetics.
This wonderful EP is not certainly an easy listening release, also because it’s a sort of concept album that wants to express a wide range of possible utilizations. For the author it bears different qualities of noise in music, for example intrinsic in the sound of voice like in “Studio sulla Voce”, or in the way to treat a voice electronically, like in the stunning piece “Elmegyeck” (made with the Italian singer Angela Scalvini) or in the ambiguity between musical instruments and noises that you can find in the granular world of electric hum (La scena degli angeli).
Corrado explains to us that this album is a collection of some of his works made for the theatre or sound installations – for example “La Scena deli Angeli” and “Medea” that were composed for the scene of a contemporary ballet inspired by ancient tragedy, or “Il Museo della Follia” which was a proposal for an interactive museum exhibition.
You will find this EP is a more than interesting release that takes you on an audio-visual journey and creates an outstanding atmosphere beyond what regular music can do.
Enjoy listening !

Digital release date: July 4th 2014
Catalogue number: LGM 166-8
Label: Lemongrassmusic – LC 12644