The label Lemon Jazz Records (a sub-division of „Lemongrassmusic“) present the new album by composer and producer Artur Bayramgalin.
All compositions on the 5 tracks EP are united by one tonality: G major, hence the name of the EP “Journey To The Sol” (→ Journey to the sun), since the note “G” is also known as „sol“ or „solis“ which means “sun” in Latin.

Despite being previously released throughout the past years, all compositions on this album are now united by a new concept and sound. Evgeny Romanov has contributed a good portion of innovation by adding playful clarinet phrases and licks to each track. Stylistically, the album can be attributed to „World Music“ or „Contemporary Jazz“. The main instruments are guitars, piano and clarinet, but each track also has a lot of percussion with the addition of drums and bass guitar. Each track has a unique ethnic coloring, where you can experience Scandinavian, Brazilian, African and Japanese motives.

The listener gets to visit different parts of the world. The first composition called “Perfect Day” creates an atmosphere of a truly perfect day to start our journey. “Over The Clouds” is like an unforgettable flight over the African continent. “Islands” evokes images of a trip through the fjords of Norway. Feel the cold beauty of the Scandinavian countries ! The subsequent “Sunny Kiss” creates a relaxing vibe to meet the magical sunset on the Brazilian coast. The last track “Cradle Of The Earth” is an inviation to enjoy the dawn in the land of the rising sun. Have a nice trip!

Digital Release Date: February 17, 2023
Catalogue number: LJR013
Label: Lemon Jazz Records (LC 52493)