The fourth edition continues to give a panoramic view of the the international lounge, ambient and electronic scene. Daniel and Roland Voss present new bands and artists including Faro (Netherlands), Glam Sam and his Combo (Sweden), Banda Dalai Lam (Russia) and Yin and Yang (Germany), all contributing to a growing range of fascinating sounds.

The gentle instrumental track “Clouds” by Dutch artist Faro opens the collection before
US singer Karen Gibson Roc takes over. Her “Looking For The Light” is an amazing jazzy spoken word performance with a wonderful chorus, making us anticipate her debut album „Touching the soul“ scheduled for autumn 2008. Then Lemongrass serves Kevin Yost’s Remix of “Habla Mi Corazón”. Supported by Hamburg-based singer Skadi at her best, Yost drops a fantastic vibraphon solo that once more marks him as a true master at work. Other highlights include Swedish project Glam Sam and his Combo “The Dude”, a jazzy-funky-housy contribution with a feelgood punch and Finnish band Northbound “Fallbreak”, a street-wise hip hop track with beautiful orchestration and compelling chorus. Russian project Banda Dalai Lam “Ya Tak Lublu” with singer Bella Damirovskaya is another special treat. A feathery tune in sophisticated arrangement, and just good to listen to.

Of course, the Voss brothers step into the arena once more. First, it is their cooperation on Weathertunes “Siddharta”, where Roland and Daniel Voss take you on an illuminated journey. Then you should carefully listen to Yin and Yang “Grateful”, where Daniel Voss merges opposing elements in one fascinating concoction. Worth mentioning are also French artist Eskadet “Entre Deux Mondes”, a deep and drumatic track with vocals blowing from the underworld and Italian-Taiwanese coop Tafubar vs MoShang “Floating On An Adrift Mind” with its beautiful harmonies.

From mind-soothing tracks to mind-blowing songs, from mind-massaging instrumentals to mind-bending hip hop and from mind-expanding tunes to mind-refreshing house grooves, there’s all you could ask for but would never have imagined.

Digital release (iTunes 2 months exclusive): October 28th 2008
Other portals: December 28th 20008
Catalogue number: LGM 018
Label: Lemongrassmusic