On „Lounge du Soleil“, the sun is the overall metaphor for the music selection, connoting life-giving light, serenity and guidance. The second edition continues the established concept which radiates warmth and pleasure, and is ready for download and streaming.

Apart from the artists known from the first edition, you will encounter new acts from Finland (Northbound), Denmark (Rumpistol feat. Tusnelda) and Russia (Aguaflames). The sun-centred family embraces music projects from 10 different countries and offers a deeply satisfying panoramic view of the international Lounge/Ambient/Electronic-scene. With the exception of Maomakmaa’s „Einsiedler“ all tracks are previously unreleased.

The idle shuffle of iëlo’s „Soleil d’Hiver“ is at the heart of „Lounge du Soleil vol. 2: the calming presence of the winter sun, leisure and time for introspection and an inexplicable but nevertheless dominating feeling of wellness and ease. The same tranquil flow is to be found in tracks like Five Seasons „Her Almond Eyes“ or Aguaflames „Noiman“. The fragile vocals and broken beats of Rumpistol feat. Tusnelda „Free Fall“ have a strong Nordic touch and are remindful of somer slower renderings of Björk. For all those who dream of escaping the cold, Weathertunes provide the perfect vibes with their „Sugar Loaf“ – a tasteful, tender and soothing evocation of Rio de Janeiro.

In between these peaceful little treasures, there’s a good spoonful of inspiring beats. Take JetTricks feat. AdeFunKe „Breathe Now“ with its well-measured Afro-Funk elements and Pete Phunk’s mix of Tafubar „The Wicked Thoughts of You“ to get you going. Or immerse yourself in the powerful slow-motion beats of Miss Kay Dee’s „For a Whole Night.“

The cream on top comes courtesy of Japanese project antennasia who with „Kemono Michi“ drop the most beautiful vocal track on this compilation. As a special treat, Lemongrass allows insight into his upcoming album „Pour L’Amour“ with his gentle offering „Dinner With You“.

Digital Release: February 12th 2008
Catalogue number: LGM008
Label: Lemongrassmusic