With „Lounge du Soleil Volume 1“ Lemongrassmusic initiates a new compilation concept: ready for download & streaming. Artists from 9 different countries mingle on the first edition and present their 16 tracks full of warmth and pleasure.

At the centre of it all is the sun. As the sun witnesses the rise of beautiful music all around the globe, Lemongrassmusic has chosen a floral symbol of the sun for its logo. On „Lounge Du Soleil“, the sun is the overall metaphor for the music selection, connoting life-giving light, brightness, serenity and guidance.

Even at first listening, you will also discover the inner sun – within the songs and within yourself.
Thoughts and spirits will soar, doors to new insights open, internal balance and growth result. Grateful joy is what you feel.

To add further value, most tracks are previously unreleased and salvaged from the deepest chambers of the cornucopia of global sounds. New artists Nana Wang (China), Alex Hudish (Israel) and Jet Tricks (England) encounter Japanese singer Yukiko Iiri and French project Kay Dee (both discoveries from „Garden vol. 2“) to help make it a worldwide collection.

While the first four tracks emanate a dreamlike atmosphere sending slow-motion sun rays deep into your heart, the middle part of the compilation has some vibrating sounds in store. From Kay Dee’s innovative R&B arrangement, the global beats of Genetic Drugs & Jasmon to Tafubar’s laid back House grooves, there’s all you could ask for to experience pulsating happiness.

Lemongrass „The Time Flight“, Yukiko Iiri „Nobody Can Be“ and Green Empathy „Kamasutra“ (Remix by Jasmon) then wrap you up in a big cuddle. Among the slow-motion highlights are Nana Wang’s „Love Will Tear Us Apart“ with its whispered Chinese-English vocals and Alex Hudish who sets you „At Ease“. The concluding track by Lemongrass is as programmatic as convincing: „Feel good“.

Release date: November 20th, 2007
Catalogue number: LGM006
Label: Lemongrassmusic