Lemongrassmusic proudly present their 100th label release. For sure this is a reason to party. But instead of receiving gifts, the label is giving out a huge treasure box of goodies to their fans and followers. You will be showered with 50 brand new, mostly unreleased tracks carefully selected by the label owners and driving forces Roland & Daniel Voss. Guiding you through the labels sound cosmos you will be delighted by receiving a splendid variety of songs, all done by highly valued Lemongrassmusic heroes plus a few very fresh signings and surprises.

Reaching the glory of 100 is only once in a lifetime. But to consider the label as old aged is wrong thinking. Lemongrassmusic is only 7 years old and has become an internationally known trademark for modern Lounging in only a short time. Initially founded as a platform for their own projects such as Lemongrass, Weathertunes, Jasmon and Five Seasons, soon the Voss brothers expanded the label’s philosophy to become a home-base for producers and musicians from 16 different countries.

With genre-bending music releases Lemongrassmusic is widening the scope of the Lounge genre by exploring Chillout, Ambient, NuJazz, TripHop, Electronic World Music, Deep House, Nu-Soul and more. Artists like Karen Gibson Roc, Eskadet, S.W., Faro, T2’n, Glam Sam And His Combo, Northbound, Gushi & Raffunk, Michiko, Mirage Of Deep, MoShang, Man In A Room and Keisuke Sakai are highlights of a brilliant up to date label spectrum, which is responsible for unforgettable moments on Lounge floors worldwide. For those who have just started to discover the labels work, “Lemongrassmusic – Episode 100” is a very helpful tool.

The label’s approach is buoyed with optimism and loving care in respect to the creative expression of their signed artists. This visionary pursuit seems to increase the quality of their releases as a notable difference. By caring for an ethic way of business and on a personal level too, the claim “artists feel at home at Lemongrassmusic” is not a phrase, it is a day to day reality of the brothers’ work. The claim became like a song itself, like a sinewy melody across the face of the whole thing. Such preconditions guarantee that the label’s flame will burn for long – very long.

There is no better take-off than Spain’s Chillout wizard Mirage Of Deep delivering with “Hechizo De Luna” a master piece of heavenly sweet summer lushness. Followed by Faro the tranquility of the summer continues, inviting us to stay a little longer on our favorite beach. Softly we get picked up by Eskadet. His “Immersion” is a breathtaking beauty of calmness with a shot of melancholy. Russia’s new female star Jane Maximova continues seamlessly with her velvet voice embedded in a well arranged, discreet Latin rhythm. It’s time for a little musical diversity brought to us by S.W. from the Netherlands. We cruise with him on the “S.W. Avenue” where modern sounds meet charming 70ies Soul, guided by a great guitar melody. Now Malkou takes over with a portrait of how Paris sounds, when summer’s heat is on and you’ll go by boat down the river Seine. Another Russian Import is Banda Dalai Lam with a sweet and light love song interestingly sung in their native language. Hailing from South Africa and Taiwan MoShang & Bailey sound like a 5 piece Band, jamming joyfully in their studio, additionally enriched with a heavenly Asian melody. Next is “Holy Road” taken from Northbound’s stunning debut album “Landscapes of nowhere”. Considered as one of Finland’s hottest Acoustic-Electronica acts, fans and followers from around the world love their unique sounds and atmospheres. With T2’n you can be sure that we remain special. We feel gifted to have the beautiful “Miss Chrome” on board, an emotional mix of broken beats and cinematic soundscapes. “Everything Will Always Be Good” is the message of Dub Mars. Riding on a funky mid-tempo Housegroove the song puts a bright smile on our face. Be welcome 7b. “Go figure!” is taken from the famous “Deep House Dreams Vol.03” compilation. For sure the track will be a smasher on every beach party in summer 2012 too. Likewise applies for Kay Dee The Bee who sees us head-nodding very quickly after the minimal but funky offbeat House groove has started. Another musical import is Kondencuotas Pienas from Lithuania meeting Ahbee from the United States. Their “Revolution” is a loungy reminiscence to the beauty of a summer day. A true shooting star is Tim Angrave who claimed a high reputation for his outstanding Remix work only in a short time. The track “Endless Horizons” is a preview of his first album release, soon to be released on Lemongrassmusic. Next we stumble across a new name of the label’s musical cosmos. The Canadian project Current Surrounds is contributing a fine Chillout tune accompanied by an excellent Tabla groove. An expression of the labels affinity to Japan and its music scene is antennasia from Tokyo. The previously unreleased Sour Remix of their Hit “Seren” shows the band’s talent for modern Pop music by merging cool grooves with Ambiental soundscapes of the original. Now it’s time for T2’n’s alter ego Marty Bobgarner. With “Atome At Home” he sticks to his passion for twisted and edgy, always top class Cinematic Downtempo music. One of London’s freshest talents is Dee C’rell. With an irresistible, intensive trumpet and powerful slam poetry he turns “Form 2 – As I Am” in a hypnotizing piece of art. All of sudden the spirit of Jazzmatazz is back to life. Things lighten up with C.Cil, even though she sets her sunny vibes on a slow and bass driven groove. Made for a bigger audience is “Night Mail (ft. Civilian)” by Man In A Room. Led by a catchy melancholic voice accompanied by a discreet minimal arrangement and a breathtaking saxophone solo, the track would fit into every advanced Pop radio program. Followed by Beach Hoppers which is a successful collaboration project of vocalist Jana Tarasenko, producers Roland Voss and Daniel Voss and Stéphane Klepper (alias Eskadet). With Airily and “Walk Alone” we get back into the mood for summer lounging. A true classic of the Lemongrassmusic output is Amun’s “Red Eyes”, which is slow and sexy Eurasian Chillout at its best. With Around Midnight we take a “Lightstep” up with charming melodies and some trancy lines. Get uplifted by a cool & laidback bass-groover called “Afternooner”. Peaked by a beautiful piano theme, this classy tune is made by Daniel Ray. Your feet won’t stand still with Mark Oakland. The Portuguese sampled the best of the roaring 70ies into a very cool & modern Funk groove. A shimmering beauty is “Karma Drops” by Gushi & Raffunk proofing their passion for music with their claim “Born even before any thought, music has filled our atmosphere”. Alexandra Hampton is an accomplished producer, instrumentalist and composer from the USA. Her title “Eastern Treasure” makes us happy with a laidback Downtempo groove supported by fine Asian percussions. Swedish Funkmaster Glam Sam And His Combo let our listening pleasure raising even more with some rappin’ positivity. Head nodding fun is guaranteed. One of the labels all time classics is JetTricks’ “Lose you (Lemongrass Deep House Remix)”, which is still putting a spell on every Lounge floor on the planet. The highly acclaimed Karen Gibson Roc from Brooklyn comes next. Her contribution “From The Inside” shows best what she is famous for: laid-back & soulful Downtempo & HipHop beats combined with poetic lyrics, performed by Karen’s unique, silky voice. Another female vocalist and self-labeled musical & technological geek is Michiko. Her “Rock & Roll” is a 100% self-produced piece of lush Downtempo influenced by NuJazz and R&B. The label’s mothership comes next. Roland Voss and his project Lemongrass are leading figures of the international Lounge & Chillout scene. Of course he contributes a fresh & unreleased track (as almost every track on this label compilation). The track title says it all, “We Love The Sun” is a dedication to the big shining ball sweetening life on planet Earth. The follow-up is a newcomer act called Graddus from Russia, who is leading us with “Novbahor” to a mystical place somewhere in Middle East. Redeemed by Kiwi Twist we change style to “Dark Tango” indeed, sounding like Henry Mancini after a very long night out in one of Buenos Aires underground clubs. A label classic comes next: INNAMORATODELLAMUSICA is Nikos Kakkos from Greece with a great talent for swinging Tango and cinematic atmospheres. The man behind Five Seasons is Daniel Voss, the other driving force of Lemongrassmusic. “On The Bridge” dances between styles with a breathtaking freshness. Caught by an irresistible guitar hook we snap our fingers from the first tone on. Let’s stay on the dancefloor with Tafubar. The Pete Phunk Afternoon Rhodes Remix of “The Wicked Thoughts Of You” is a perfect tool to sweeten up a warm summer night at our favorite Beach Bar. Synthpathic from Turkey are keeping the vibe and capture us for another drink and another dance. The versatile Johannes Huppertz aka Newton feat. Twila.too comes next and is taking us back to the Chillout room. Gentle string arrangements underline Twila.too’s beautiful voice. With Derrick’s “Eternal Spring” we appreciate another beautiful piece of high quality Chillout & Lounge music. Just a few months ago Placid Larry released a stunning album of atmospheric Downtempo called “Melancholy Light”. Never the less contributes the project’s mastermind Daniel Ray from South Africa a fresh and unreleased track, showing all his skills at its best. A new entry to the label’s universe is a top act of the international Lounge scene: Openzone Bar. The title “Tranquility” is taken from their very fresh album “Lifestyle”, just released a few days ago on Lemongrassmusic. Now we travel to the mystery of Asia. Yin And Yang tell us the secret tale of “Laila”. Nana Wang is from Beijing / China. One of her hits called “Lost The Eden” received a refreshment by Lemongrass by adding a few jazzy elements and a warm swinging dubby groove. One of the Voss brothers projects is Jasmon, having a high reputation by loads of fans around the globe. After taking a creative break the project is back with a big bang. The beautiful piece of music, they surprise us with, is called “Pacha Mama”, and it is leaving us longing for more. Followed by MoShang’s “Dreams For Baku” which is a love letter to NuJazz Fusion. Another side project of the Voss brothers follows. Weathertunes doesn’t need any introduction. With “Sitting On The Moon With You” they go new ways by crossing the border to Soul and R&B, yet keeping the loungy and laidback vibe alive. Last but not least is the Japanese musician and producer Keisuke Sakai. Precious is his work by keeping the musical tradition of his country alive. His contribution “Cherry Blossom” is a meditative piece of fine repetitive guitar work, being so the perfect good-bye for this very special anniversary compilation.

We would like to thank all artists and producers who have been working with us and who have been giving us their confidence during all the years !!

Digital Release Date: July 20th 2012
Catalogue number: LGM 100-4
Label: Lemongrassmusic – LC 12644