Welcome! Please feel invited to a joyful musical journey around the globe. Once more DJ Nartak’s musical taste is your guideline to discover colourful smooth grooves and atmospheres. By mixing sounds from different cultural sources and styles with modern Electronica DJ Nartak keeps showing his sensibility for a soulful futuristic appeal of listening music. Well known for his DJ- and compiling skills as well as for his projects “Klassik Lounge Nightflight”, “Liquid Sound” and “Globality” DJ Nartak is one of the innovative forces for broadcasting fresh & unheard music.

While travelling this journey you’ll meet Latin, HipHop Poetry, Tango, NuJazz, Funk, Downtempo, Dub and Worldtronica. But important is the journey itself, which is more than just another loungy cocktail. This selection with its uplifting hooks and melodies will make you smile and have you humming along, bringing positive vibes and light to your day.

In between this groovy freshness artists like “iBiPhONiC”, “Jasmon” or “The Charly North Michael e Project” shift things to a deeper side. These tunes are some sort of viewing platform of this compilation to enjoy some still moments while watching the breathtaking beauty of our planet. So lets care for our world to make it groove on!

Including a bonus DJ mix (different track order) for all who buy the whole album bundle !

Digital release: March 11th 2011
Catalogue number: LGM 073-4
Label: Lemongrassmusic