Paulsen & Stryczek are back with a new album. It bears the inscription „The World Is My Disease“ and assembles 11 Electro/Acoustic tracks.

„The World Is My Disease“ is also the name of the third song on the album. The words are an extract from the „Songs Of Lalla“, read by artist Valentina Leo a.k.a. MrsLove.
One could get the impression Paulsen & Stryczek have gone esoteric, getting high on yoga and tantra in an Indian ashram.
The inclusion of the violin played by Miko Mikulicz (Panama Red) in most of the compositions could be taken as further proof for this hunch.

The truth of the matter is, this album is created in the same spirit as previous releases by Paulsen & Stryczek. Fusing acoustic instruments with synthetic sounds has become a trademark of their work. With „The World Is My Disease“ they are once again inviting you to embark on a journey that amalgamates elements of tune, beat and soundscape.

Digital release date: March 04, 2022
Catalogue number: LGM373
Label: Lemongrassmusic – LC 12644

SINGLE (Click image to access the single at Spotify):

1. Rapt Motion (February 18, 2022):