Once met a daydreamer and a master in the art of living, a studio freak and a street musician, a singer-songwriter and a groove inventor. What sounds like a get-together of a few exceptional characters, is the electrifying interplay of Paulsen & Stryczek’s very fine talents and forces, endowing the duo’s best for another truly breathtaking album adventure. “Scratched like my soul” is their third album release on Lemongrassmusic, a well-grounded, warm glowing journey of 13 electro-acoustic soundscapes. Oftentimes, the album is ruled by variable, exquisite guitar work, which is naturally reinforcing the earthy expression, the album pleasantly radiates. Occasionally propelled by uplifting grooves, a dash of Dub, Tango or Lounge, the journey remains excitingly colourful.

The beautiful Opener “Sahara” sets the tone, followed by the probably best song of the album. With catchy vocals and a bluesy guitar riff,”Scratched Like My Soul” sounds like a reminiscent to Zero7 and Bill Withers at the same time. Each following song maintains the high quality level, while a subtle, irresistible longing keeps increasing. A blissful tinge, telling about the beauty of our world, sweeps us away. Clouds drift by, sea waves roll ashore, shady alleys of majestic trees with leaves rustling in the wind – such imaginary pictures flood one’s brain, while Paulsen & Stryczek keep telling us their road stories.

Jens Paulsen is probably best known for his groundbreaking releases under his monikers „Patchwork“ (Spirit Zone Recordings) and „Bazille Noir“ (Jubilee Records). He met Daniel Stryczek on a small festival in Northern Germany back in 2010. Daniel’s passion for songwriting and acoustic instruments perfectly compliments with Jens Paulsen’s studio skills. For “Scratched Like My Soul” a mandolin player, two vocalists and a field recordings sound collector with some old tapes in his pockets joined the pathway of production.

*** credits & equipment:


Abdullah Ibrahim, Hannah Krebs, Sormeh, Jele Mensen, Maja Gille

Björn Deußen (mandolin)
Elmar Gajewi (accordeon)
Matthias Zoeller (bass)

field recordings:
Tobias Trebesius


acoustic guitars:
Yairi (Japan)
Seagull with solid cedar top (warm & deep resonating).
Hanika concert guitar, solid timber customized
Gibson B4512 60ies model (purchased in Upstate New York in garage sale)

electric guitars:
Ibanez Roadstar
Gibson Melody Maker
Harmony Rocket (late 50ies model)

basses (very important for us!):
acoustic bass (purchased in Thailand, for fairly little money)
Yamaha active E-bass,
various Synth-bass

almost everything self-recorded such as shaker, tambourine, singing bowl, hang drum, bongos and a few ethnic rattles

Jomox Moonwind, Moogerfooger Murf

hardware synths:
Oberheim Matrix 1000, Studio Electronics SE-1
various Software synths

Ry Cooder ‘Ali Farka Toure’ und ‘Buena Vista Social Club’ (Havanna Postcard and Sahara)
Neil Young, Folkpickings and bottleneck
Sundance (The Chocolate Train)
B.B. King ‘The Thrill is Gone’ (The Thrill is On)

Digital Release Date: July 15th, 2016
Catalogue number: LGM215
Label: Lemongrassmusic (LC 12644)