After two albums released under the label Lemongrassmusic, Romanian producer Openzone Bar now presents his third album ”Ocean 6AM”. After the albums „Lifestyle“ (2012) and „Limestone“ (2015) there were no releases from Openzone Bar until now. “Ocean 6AM” is an album that was made with warm and nostalgic water sounds in mind – sounds by the sea and oceans where the wind is most present during the morning hours. Keeping the roots from his last albums which had laid-back beats, relaxed grooves, cocktails and tranquility, this current album has a similar spirit on the one hand but on the other hand it features a bit more Electronica style vibes, reprise sounds and new surprising beats, which we can be heard on the track „Aqua Velva“.

The album starts with an Ambient track (Coastline Chill) – a track that feels perfect for any intro of a set or just simple listening anywhere where there is a need for a break or a relaxing time. The second track (Bay Breeze) shows the typical Openzone Bar breakbeat style – with a bit of piano touch from the middle of the track. Aqua Velva is the go-to track for the perfect summerish vibe and laid-back sound. A track that works best when you listen to on hot summer days. The fourth track (Sunshine Lemon Drop) again comes with a breakbeat and a bit of a nostalgic vibe. The next track (Ocean 6AM) relaxes you even slower with continuous rhythmic beach sounds in the background and warm vocals. „Closer To The Sand“ has a perfect deep house and chillout vibe. „All Day In July“ has a similar vibe like „Coastline Chill“ but on a different note, while „French 77“ follows the same breakbeat sound as „Bay Breeze“ & „Sunshine Lemon Drop“. The last two tracks „Away Tomorrow“ and „Lunch Break“ end the album with a bit of an Electronica sound and a reprise style, closing the album which is a complete pack from first track until the last note, perfect for relaxing summer days.

Digital release date: September 08, 2023
Catalogue number: LGM414
Label: Lemongrassmusic – LC 12644

SINGLES (Click images to listen to the singles at Spotify):

1. Aqua Velva (August 04, 2023):

2. Bay Breeze (August 18, 2023):