Song writer and producer, Steven Connolly has finally released his debut Album and it has been a long wait. It is not for the want of creativity from this Irish man. It is quite simply that this LP has allot of ground to cover. The work itself endeavors to convey the joys, the struggles and the mystery of a human condition.

With an epic cinematic opening instrumental, we begin with a mystery and there is a real sense of journey from here on inwards. We find many observations and milestones as we progress deeper. Each subject and song is so carefully considered and guided beautifully by deep and atmospheric soundscapes. These are spaces to get lost in… or maybe to be found in?. We find some smooth grooves here also, which will carry the listener through but be in no doubt. This is “Thinking Man’s” music. These are moments of contemplation. From light to dark. From strength to weakness. Life, Love, Mortality and Hope.

MAN IN A ROOM tries in earnest to grasp these, sometimes very illusive questions. Its all to easy to be distracted from them but this work manages to bring them sharply back in focus. It is both an observation and a celebration. The music manages to keep its feet firmly on the ground. All the while projecting itself into the clouds. There is always this juxtaposition in Steven’s work.

“Alchemy is a magical power or process of transmuting a common substance, into a substance of great value”. And as the title suggests, this is indeed the overriding theme of this Album. There is a sense that everyone’s journey will and must change… eventually. Numerous guest vocalists are featured throughout. Each bringing their own character. Again this adds to the LP’s constant evolution. With a very powerful closing instrumental and soaring vocal, we come full circle. We end as we have begun. With the mystery.

So all that is left for us to do, is to take our part in the journey itself…

Very special thanks to:

Daniel and Roland Voss (LGM), Edel Farrell, Civilian (Clayton Carr), Sara Azriel, Natasha Tsirou, Lee Redmond, Philip Warthmann, Jett (Bridget Insinna), InHouseMusicRecords, Petros Pastras, “The Len”, Alan Walsh, Keith Downey, Mark Lowndes, Damien Hughes, Cakewalk & as always to my Family and Friends.

Digital Release Date: August 30th 2012
Catalogue number: LGM 103-4
Label: Lemongrassmusic – LC 12644