Touch base with a brand new Lemongrass journey. Lined up like a string of pearls, 12 uniquely crafted songs radiate positivity steeped in a sun-drenched vibe. “Touch” is a vibrant collection of warm sonics, formed to induce to what we all need these days: relaxation and peace of mind to strengthen our wellbeing. For more than two decades, Lemongrass wanders the realms of Chill Out, Electronica, Lounge and Balearica. Blurring genre boundaries by cultivating an eclectic, organically meandering style, turned into the project’s genuine landmark long ago and is still the visionary path to follow. Hard to believe, that we celebrate the 27th Lemongrass album release, but the quality level just doesn’t seem to drop. With his ability to emit light and warmth in the everyday, Roland Voss aka Lemongrass created a record as a series of crystalline moments, always spiced up with this very special, peerless Lemongrass magic. To point out individual tracks would fail the album’s spirit. The flow and the completeness of the big picture, is what counts. By manifesting a space for respite and self-reflection, forming into clusters of beauty, these melodies will lighten up your day for sure. Simply get in touch!

Digital release date: September 03, 2021
Catalogue number: LGM358
Label: Lemongrassmusic – LC 12644

SINGLES (Click images to pre-save / access download & streaming platforms):

1. Awake (June 25, 2021):

2. Amoureuse (July 09, 2021):

3. Times (July 23, 2021):

4. Until The End Of Time (August 06, 2021):

5. Airiness (Agust 20, 2021):