Lemongrassmusic present the new EP by German producer and musician Roland Voss.
As the title suggests, the EP „Space Odyssey“ takes the listener on a journey to the wonders of the universe. The overall impression is of some dreamlike atmosphere, where gravity has ceased to exist and weight has lost its meaning. Such is the sound that will make you examine the miracles and landscapes of the mind.
The music on this EP is made without any beats, but unlike the music in the „Ambient Land“ series you will find sounds of a more gloomy character in „Space Odyssey“.The pictures and the atmosphere in the same titled movie by Stanley Kubrick have served as a source of inspiration for this EP.
Roland Voss uses bits of sound and melody and slowly evolving pads and textures instead of traditional music and narrative techniques.
If we ever came from the stars in former times this music would have been a very suitable soundtrack to accompany the adventures during an enormous and nearly endless search for a fertile and life-giving planet like our beloved Earth.

Digital release date: July 12th, 2019
Catalogue number: LGM298
Label: Lemongrassmusic – LC 12644