Climb aboard to partake on a “Soulful” journey of wondrous feel-good music, evoking warmth, light and intimacy. Familiar but stunningly fresh, the latest Lemongrass output appears like meeting up with a good friend. Cruising at ease through a splendid day, bathing in the sun atop a green meadow or a solitary walk along a beach – that magic is on display throughout the whole album run. Roland Voss aka Lemongrass is a master of weaving subtly soothing and salutary atmospheres by balancing natural and electronic sound sources. Literally dazzling in full scope as well as in detail, song by song is layered with great attention to texture and sound, allowing to zoom in closer for a deeper introspection. These 12 free-flowing tracks effortlessly encapsulate the Lemongrass spirit without sounding forced, offering the best ingredients of beautiful synth lines, infectious grooves and an organic range of sonic sounds and instruments. As so often before, long-time companion Jane Maximova contributes some extra magic with gorgeous Russian vocals on “July sky”. After a steady run of highly acclaimed 23 album releases in 22 years, “Soulful” is a peak and essence at the same time. These songs are uncompromisingly good, testifying the artist’s maturity, with the potential to spread a light of hope and unity in our troubled times.

Digital release date: September 11th, 2020
Catalogue number: LGM333
Label: Lemongrassmusic – LC 12644

SINGLES (Click images to pre-save / access download & streaming platforms via Backlink):

1. Birds Of Passage (July 3rd, 2020):

2. July Sky (feat. Jane Maximova) (July 17th, 2020):

3. All My Angels (July 31st, 2020):

4. Femme Fatale (August 14th, 2020):

5. Night Blossom (August 28th, 2020):