Since debuting his Lemongrass project back in 1997, Roland Voss keeps on evolving and fine-tuning his immense sound cosmos, deftly straddling the worlds of finest Electronica, warm mooded Chillout, stellar Ambient atmospheres and luscious Lounge grooves. His 25th album, simply called “Orange”, is a fluid continuation of his blissful songcraft. A most exquisite, superbly detailed choice of instrumentation and samples is shaping the character of the album most. Already the opener “Gecko Island” clearly sets the tone, weightlessly meandering along ethereal sounds to form a simply beautiful, spot-on tune. While “No Stress” gently guides you with catchy guitars, playful vocal samples and a highly infectious groove, “Streaming” is a smooth Trip-Hop ruled beach trip, which makes your head nodding on its own. Drawing inspiration from his sun flooded residency on the Canary Islands, the spirit of the album got tinted by the radiant beauty and serenity of its birthplace surrounding. Everything on “Orange” is played, arranged and produced by Roland Voss, a convincing evidence of what has established him as one of the preeminent composers of the genre. These eleven tracks are best heard as one continuous piece, allowing a gentle unfolding of its soothing spirit. Get yourself a good treat to an “Orange” journey of floating beauty, taking you to a place filled with hope, positivity and light.

Digital release date: May 14th, 2021
Catalogue number: LGM350
Label: Lemongrassmusic – LC 12644

SINGLES (Click images to access download & streaming platforms):

1. Ocean Of Love (March 5th, 2021):

2. Streaming (March 19th, 2021):

3. No Stress (April 2nd, 2021):

4. Mystery (April 16th, 2021):

5. Endless Circle (April 30th, 2021):