A mosaic is a multifaceted pattern, assembled by arranging together small pieces of different types. To create a music album release named “Mosaic” follows pretty much the same principles. Snippets of sounds and creative ideas from various sources take form, in this case to a brandnew Lemongrass album. Roland Voss, mastermind behind the project, widely opened his (audio) diaries and selected some precious bits and pieces for his 34th longplayer.
A broadly diverse choice of instrumentation and styles is fanned out for us, influenced by inspirational sources such as memories of visiting breathtaking places, favourite books and movies, or by just being still in a meditative moment. As so often before, acoustic instrumentation got the lead, sprinkled with jazzy vibes (“Turn down the lights”) a cool and easy JazzHop costume (“Street Life” ) or a fabulous tabla rhythm (“Le voyage”, “Bombay Jazz”), linking to the predecessor album “Dreams of Maya”. 

Each individual facet has a story to tell, carrying independently a small portion of the image, to form as something new. The result is an elegant suite of compositions, pervaded by a traceable fragrance of a creatively matured, summery, life-affirming nature, which is noticeable within all of the Lemongrass music.

Digital release date: June 30, 2023
Catalogue number: LGM409
Label: Lemongrassmusic – LC 12644

SINGLES (Click images to listen to the singles at Spotify):

1. Le Voyage (April 07, 2023):

2. Turn Down The Lights (April 21, 2023):

3. To The Stars (May 05, 2023):

4. Film Noir (May 19, 2023):

5. Deeply (June 02, 2023):

6. Street Life (June 16, 2023):