Lemongrass embarks on another unique journey, immersing into new dimensions of sound. Gliding in a dynamic flow to expand the boundaries of inspiration, Roland Voss aka Lemongrass succeeded once again, to define the essence of our wonderful world. The very title of his new album “Meditation” is a clear and powerful statement. Steeped in silence and serenity, it effortlessly bridges the gap between modern Electronica, Ambient and Chillout towards relaxation and meditation music.

The word “meditation” has become an integral part of Western culture. For centuries, it has applied in various religions and cultures as a spiritual exercise, that can calm and center the mind. In the vast quantity of information, that we have to face in our daily life, meditation offers the opportunity to relax and to let go. As a good companion at that, music can be very useful. With a great sensitivity and the courage to allow quiet and very still moments to appear, Lemongrass intones a subtle space of consciousness. Playing with the respective moods, colours and lights, Roland Voss creates different imaginary scenarios. From his “Ambient Garden” he takes us to the gentle waves of the Atlantic ocean (“Contemplation”), and to the depths of the night (“Night Flow”), accentuated with its very own mysterious and soothing noises. Home we are led safely by “Bliss” and “Inner Source”, which are dedicated to the elements of air and water.

The long tradition of electronic music in amalgamation with so called relaxation- and meditation music is unmistakably held in honour. Not with a rigid bow, but as an integrated, vivid experience of the here & now. One feels with every tone: this album is not a theory. It is build on authentic, day-to-day experiences by a mature personality. Joyfully we feel invited to put on the “inner boots” to walk the meditative path.

Release Date (CD & digital): February 6th, 2015
Catalogue number: LGM178
Label: Lemongrassmusic (LC 12644)