Make yourself comfortable and set your mind free for a brand new “Lemongrass” journey. Led by a stunning easiness, “Imagine” is a natural shift towards the very essence of the aural landscape of “Lemongrass”. A loving and uncompromising sincerity has deepened into Roland Voss’s work, which is putting forth the qualities, fans and followers have been admiring for more than 20 years. Alongside sonic refinement, he masters the art of omitting, by grounding his spirit in familiar territory with a wide and eclectic range of synth instrumentation, clever sampling, acoustic finesse, based on the finest of drums and rhythms. These 13 songs ebb and flow in natural ways, as a multitude of melodic and beguiling facets in perfect unity. By including a staggering array of elements across the Jazz, HipHop, Classical and improvised music, “Imagine” is ranging further than genre’s limits, but defines impressively what modern Lounge, Downtempo and Chillout is all about. There’s a feeling of mastery here, like a crack of light, that allows you to dive deeper into the liminal state between daydreaming and wakefulness, where imaginations take shape.

Digital release date: November 8th, 2019
Catalogue number: LGM309
Label: Lemongrassmusic – LC 12644