Here comes the sun – a golden sun. A double album, filled with Lemongrass essentials of the last 5 years, released to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the project. Selected by Mister Lemongrass himself, these 27 songs portray the essence of a grown artist, who is considered as one of the leading figures of the global Chillout and Downtempo community. Lemongrass aka Roland Voss picked his personal highlights from 16 (!) different releases, plus “My Heart Dance”, which is previously unreleased. His selection is containing tracks, to which he developed a special emotional bonding, as well as gained the best feedback from his fans and followers. The album title has been chosen by full purpose. The sun and its enormously nourishing impact on body, mind and soul, has become a golden guide line for the Lemongrass music cosmos. Probably the beauty of Roland Voss’s second home on La Palma has an impact, too. Build on his unique talent for eclectic smooth grooves and sensual rhythms, evocative melodies and haunting atmospheres form to a hugely sonic preciousness, loaded with pure positivity throughout the whole length of the album. Dare to dream of a space to bring some light and warmth into your everyday life, some time for recreation and self-reflection, to find comfort and peace within and outside yourself. The visual trademark of the Lemongrass output is in good hands since the second album release back in 1998. The ever excellent art and design skills by “UC Graphic” and his founder Uli Ambach match in such a perfect manner with the musical world that Lemongrass creates, by inspiring each other with new impulses to try new ways and various looks over the span of the past 24 years. By the way, “Golden Sun” will be available in a physical format as well – on Double-CD. For those who prefer the haptic enjoyment of a “real” sound carrier.

Digital & 2CD release date: November 18, 2022
Catalogue number: LGM395
Label: Lemongrassmusic – LC 12644