Don’t wait, take a “Chance” on life, pursue the exciting spirit of trying something new. A chance can take on different forms, whether it is a new love, a new living environment, or a new work you are about to start. But however this new chance will look like, start things with positivity. Light the fire inside yourself and embrace, whatever comes along your new pathway. This is the encouraging message, Lemongrass would like to spread out with its brand new album release. “Chance” is a wondrous journey of blissful atmospheric Lounge music, that encompasses the full range of the Lemongrass songcraft. Expect ten sublime excursions, full of charming melodies, which grant a blessing to the listener. A blend of finest and latest production skills and sounds meets a fond nostalgia, which cares for the original spirit of the genre: to relax your body, to ease your mind – simply put, to refresh your whole being. Throughout the last 25 years, Roland Voss aka Lemongrass has constantly refined his musical approach of sonically capturing imaginary spaces, which can be witnessed on “Chance” in various forms. Whether as a day at the beach with “Get away”, spiced up with some 70ies charm, or as a car ride companion called “Danse avec moi” seducing with softly rolling Downtempo grooves and elegant guitar sounds. Songs like “Take a chance”, which is as blissful and becalming as an early morning walk, or “Golden touch”, a subtle broken Beats spirit-lifter, allowing peaceful vibes to subtly seep in. The 31st Lemongrass long player “Chance” provides a superb, evocative listening experience, that tends to linger in waves far beyond its running time.

Digital release date: October 21, 2022
Catalogue number: LGM393
Label: Lemongrassmusic – LC 12644

SINGLES (Click images to listen to the singles at Spotify):

1. Soulshine (August 12, 2022):

2. Golden Touch (August 26, 2022):

3. Inspiration (September 09, 2022):

4. In My Mind (September 23, 2022):

5. Danse Avec Moi (October 07, 2022):