Free as a bird comes the new Lemongrass album “Birdy”. A musical homage to the beauty of nature and positive light-heartedness. Roland Voss presents 10 chilled Lo-Fi tracks taking us to luscious, magical gardens, sacred places, blooming forests and spots of silence and peace.
Like a soft breeze blowing through the treetops the music permeates a feeling of weightlessness, that summons a sense of the infinite.
Lemongrass is one of the early pioneers of the Downtempo and Lounge scene and has expanded his musical vision to the magic of Lo-Fi and Chill Hop music lately.
Roland is a tastemaker, who earned widespread acclaim for his studio mastery with a distinct intuition of what modern electronic music should sound like.
With his recent Lo-Fi releases in collaboration with Roberto Bronco and this new album release („Birdy“ is the 34th Lemongrass album) he proves that even after 25 years of releasing trend-setting music he still allows himself to successfully reinvent and refine his music style.

Digital release date: March 22, 2024
Catalogue number: LGM427
Label: Lemongrassmusic – LC 12644

SINGLES (Click images to listen to the singles at Spotify):

1. Like A Bird (January 12, 2024):

2. Sunday Morning (January 26, 2024):

3. Jardin Magique (February 09, 2024):

4. Shinjuku (February 23, 2024):

5. Way To Paradise (March 08, 2024):