The lion never sleeps. And Roland Voss never rests. This soaring man surprises once again, and presents Lemongrass’ first ambient release.

As the title suggests, the EP „Ambient Land“ takes the listener on a journey to the wonders of the earth. The overall impression is of some dreamlike atmosphere, where gravity has ceased to exist and weight has lost its meaning. Up, up into the sky seems to be the motto. Down, down into your soul is where the five tracks will take you. Such is the sound that it will make you examine the wonders of the mind. The way: no beats, but a pleasing breeze.

First, the gentle keys of „Polar Nights“ take you into an endless space, the purity of which is best compared by ice crystals and an untouched, flawless and innocent white.

By contrast, the „Eclipse of the Sun“ is only strings and marks a timeless spot, or better said, a break in time when everything stands still, when you hold your breath. The oh-so-slight variations of the sound pattern lead the way for peaceful introspection.

While the first two tracks radiate a pleasantly padded cool, „Coral Reef“ wraps you up in soothing warmth. The tender strings are enhanced by bubbling sounds, like fresh oxygen in the calmness of the sea. Then, „Lake of Lava“ strikes a more energetic chord, plucking vibrant sounds and sending them drip-dropping into the depth of the cosmic consciousness.

The concluding „Moonwalk“ is of such reconciliating quality that it opens up the heart and firmly plants a feeling of profound gratitude.

©+(p) Lemongrassmusic (2007)
Release date: December 11th 2007
Catalogue number: LGM007